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Today’s production and broadcasting are hard to imagine without professional computer systems and software applications like NLE, News Room system and Media Asset Management system. There are a lot of software vendors providing this software, and there are even more different formats and protocols used. These altogether make their usage in real production complicated. The only way to effectively utilize all the power of the broadcasting hardware and software systems is to integrate them all in one complex production solution.

Who we are

Since 1999 we develop and sell modular software and specialized user-interface applications for software integration and building IT solutions in fields of:
  • Broadcasting & Media Production
  • Media Archiving & Storage Management
  • IP & Internet TV

Our software modules form the basis of a number of solutions effectively functioning at customer sites, such as geographically distributed Newsroom systems with Web Interface, media archiving with off-site backup vaults compliant with the OAIS reference model, live studio automation systems, high performance IP TV and VOD solutions, remotely maintainable playout systems with media materials delivery via the Internet.

How we do what we do

We make business all over the world via system integration companies in IT and Media & Broadcasting. Any kind of solution — were it a complicated customized solution or a commercial off-the-shelf or Media IT Profy service — it is always a solution developed together with our partners to fit best the needs of the project.

Our solutions are tailor-made. We study the customer’s requirements to offer hardware platform and front-end applications for effective workflow. In our projects we use highly-reliable IT solutions and smart broadcast hardware. Software modules (created by our partner-company — VIDI) used by our company enable us to integrate all the components in one end-to-end solution. We test and document the solution, provide on-site training and warranty/post-warranty support and maintenance.

Personal approach

Media IT Profy company is an independent software vendor (ISV). It was founded by IT experts and media industry professionals. We know very well the hardware and the software we use and build personal relations with the industry’s leading system integrators and technical specialists from largest software vendors’ labs. The developers of the software and the hardware we use are frequent guests in our company.